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Joe's Espresso Rule #1

Cracking Joe The best espresso ever

The best espresso is always a blend of different beans, some with a light-medium and some with a darker roast..

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Premium Espresso

  • Where it all began. Our game changer Original Joe blend #1, strong but smooth and the perfect espresso. Roasted to perfection, this isn’t some gimmicky hipster single roasted nonsense, this is espresso that tastes great from start to finish with an outstanding complexity that cannot be achieved with a single/light roast. But that’s not all, it also works brilliantly as a base for Macchiato, Cappuccino, Americano or Flat White. What is in it? That’s a secret!

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    Cracking Joe - The Worlds Best Espresso

  • Kopi Luwak, the world’s most sought after coffee. Coffee cherries are eaten by Indonesian Civet cats based on ripeness. The cherry passes through the digestive system of the Civet where the cherry and seed (the coffee bean) ferment. The civet then excretes the waste which is collected and washed to reveal the beans. We know the concept may not sound palatable, but rest assured in the knowledge that this is a very seductive coffee, and considered to be the best cup of Joe you will ever drink.

    Our Premium Kopi Luwak really is the King of coffee, or as we prefer to know it, The Cat’s Whiskers.

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    Cracking Joe Single Origin Coffee Brewing Guide

  • Hold on tight. Our whiplash blend is for the coffee drinker that likes an espresso that has a very hard edge.

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    Cracking Joe - The Worlds Best Espresso

  • The essential over breakfast coffee. Our Kenyan Mountain blend has the right amount of acidity and flavour to make your start to the day a great one. Ideally suited to French Press/Chemex/Filter, this coffee has a premium flavour without the price point of its parent Arabica seed origin, Blue Mountain Jamaica. There was a time when this coffee was sold as Blue Mountain but this is no longer permitted as it isn’t grown in Jamaica. The irony here is that while Blue Mountain Jamaica still produces great coffee, this Kenyan Mountain coffee, is now considered by many coffee purists to be of higher quality and superior taste. This is widely attributed to the skills of the Kenyan coffee farmers continually striving to improve the coffee year after year.

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    Cracking Joe Single Origin Coffee Brewing Guide

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