Coffee prevents liver damage

Just as the possibility of increased life from drinking coffee was starting to fade into the store room at the back of our brains, along comes another story about the benefits of drinking coffee for another vital organ. It appears that drinking coffee may help protect your liver from the over indulgence of food & alcohol.

According to a study by Dr Oliver Kennedy of Southampton University, which reviewed the data of 9 previous studies of nearly half a million people, drinking 2 extra cups of coffee reduces the chance of liver Cirrhosis by 44%.

The study showed that drinking 3 cups reduced the risk by 57%, and 4 cups equaled a 65% reduction.

So, where’s the catch? Firstly, if you have Cirrhosis then coffee cannot reverse the condition. Secondly, the sugar-packed, syrup laden milky mess sold by the likes of Starbucks and Costa will not help you in this context and will probably contribute to you ending up with diabetes. The coffee referred to in this data was filter.

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