Hoe to make coffee with an Aeropress

Hoe to make coffee with an Aeropress

The Aeropress is really cool way of making an espresso without the expense of buying an espresso machine/pump. How to make an espresso using the Aeropress can be a little trial and error but with our quick coffee hacks you can conquer it easily We are not going to reinvent the wheel, and therefore we’re not going to remake a video on how to use an aeropress because the nice people at Aerobie have made a couple of videos that give you the info you need.

But, if you can’t be bothered to wade over to the Aerobie site then here are a couple of quick pointers from the FAQ:

Quick Coffee Hacks: How to use an Aeropress

  1. Use a good coffee (anything we have in our shop but particularly Original Joe Espresso & Whiplash Espresso
  2. Grind: Make sure the grind is coarse enough to let the water through but fine enough so that it doesn’t just wash through. Best starter tip is to begin with your grinder at its mid-setting and then notch it down 0.5 and try it again on your next shot. Do this until, you find the resistance from the water going through the coffee grinds is right for you.
  3. Water temperature: Our Espresso grinds 80° and everything else should be no higher than 85°
  4. How much coffee: Personal preference and a little trial and error but because of the nature of the aeropress brewing method, on your first go, we would suggest using a scoop and a half of ground coffee and adjusting the amount dependent on results, flavour etc

They also have a great all encompassing FAQ section to answer all of your….frequently asked questions. The cool thing about the Aeropress is that it makes a good espresso but also you can try any coffee with it and get great results. Head on over to our shop and choose what you fancy


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