Our story, it starts with great coffee..

My first experience of coffee was in a small, then Italian-owned cafe, The Continental on lower Wind (pronounced Wine) Street, Swansea. I was 4, maybe even 3, but old enough to walk there with my Grandfather (lets not even bother with discussing giving coffee to a child!). I remember the machine being a huge chrome thing of wonderment. A soup dragon seemingly contained in mechanical servitude. A huge hissing and steaming beast. My first taste was a cappuccino and it was a great start.

Moving on through the years, I have been to countless owner run coffee shops and the usual main chains. I can honestly say that the coffee has been generally good and sometimes great.

Unsurprisingly, there have been numerous occasions when the coffee has been dire, subsequently I have never returned to sample it again. After all, what is the point when the person making the coffee obviously doesn’t love coffee?

But, you live and learn. like the vast majority of people, I had learned that certain large chains could give me a coffee fix that more or less, hit all the right taste buds and packed a good caffeine punch (most of the time).

The smaller independent coffee shops could usually be judged by appearance (love the decor, love the coffee) and clientele.

Then, in 2014 something happened. I drank a coffee that changed everything.


Our Story

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