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Among the finest coffees available, our specially selected Monsoon Malabar coffee is, we believe, the true King of the Malabar Coffee available today. If you know your Monsoon then you will be aware that this coffee has a lengthy process. If you are unfamiliar with the story; When the seafarers of old used to bring Coffee back to Europe, the beans would sometimes be on-board ship for up to 6 month during which time they would be aged and ripened by the heat and the humidity. Which in turn gave the coffee beans a mellow taste. The popularity of this taste created its own market and consequently, the process of producing these beans now includes being left outside for 3 months whereby the sun’s heat coupled with the regions humid sea air are allowed to work and reproduce the same flavour. Once the beans arrive with us, it is the roaster who will determine how good your coffee will taste. Luckily for us, our roaster has over 20 years experience in selecting the finest beans and carefully roasting them to perfection. Ready for you to unlock.

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Unfortunately, we can't accept returns because you do not like the taste, strength, flavour (delete as applicable), of the coffee. We only use Grade "A" coffee beans to create our single origin coffee & blends, and while there is a possibility for taste variation to be expected, this will never be a diametrical difference, if it is noticeable at all. We know this because we enjoy drinking our coffee. If we have any doubts about any batch of coffee, then we just do not allow it to be sent out to our customers. Why would we? That aside, in extremely rare situations something can go wrong - 99.99% of the time this would very likely be in transit. Even so, if something has happened to your order and you feel the quality has been compromised then please use our customer service system and let us know how we can help you. If this the first time that you use our customer service then please create an account and then create a ticket to fill in your requirement: Customer Service