The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind


This Java special medium roast is an aromatic and flavour deep blend that will make your coffee pot the talk of the office or home (and for all the right reasons). The Daily Grind roasted coffee is the choice blend for the discerning filter or cafetiere user. An evocative mix of Java and Columbian beans make this the perfect blend for all day coffee drinkers, or for those that like to finish with a coffee after dinner but without the hit of an espresso.

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The Daily Grind Java Blend Coffee Tasting Guide


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By next day, we mean next working day providing your order has been placed by 11:00 am. Working days are counted as the days including and between Monday to Friday. If you order Friday before 11:00 am you will receive your order Monday and not Saturday or Sunday. If you order after 11:00 am on any working day then you will receive your order within two days e.g. order placed Monday at 11:30 will be delivered Wednesday etc.


Unfortunately, we can't accept returns because you do not like the taste, strength, flavour (delete as applicable), of the coffee. We only use Grade "A" coffee beans to create our single origin coffee & blends, and while there is a possibility for taste variation to be expected, this will never be a diametrical difference, if it is noticeable at all. We know this because we enjoy drinking our coffee. If we have any doubts about any batch of coffee, then we just do not allow it to be sent out to our customers. Why would we? That aside, in extremely rare situations something can go wrong - 99.99% of the time this would very likely be in transit. Even so, if something has happened to your order and you feel the quality has been compromised then please use our customer service system and let us know how we can help you. If this the first time that you use our customer service then please create an account and then create a ticket to fill in your requirement: Customer Service